Since 2004, Vail Veterans Program (VVP) has transformed over the lives of over 3,000 wounded Veterans and their family members through innovative programs that build confidence and improve lives. VVP has responded to the evolving needs of wounded Veterans by expanding programs to include families, caregivers, and ongoing transitional support. Programs range from the adventurous to the connective, including summer and winter therapeutic recreational programming, caregiver-specific wellness events, and empowerment training.


VVP helps provide a sense of freedom from catastrophic injuries including: loss of multiple limbs, severe burns, spinal cord injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and traumatic brain injuries. These services are provided free-of-charge to wounded Veterans and their families, allowing for much-needed time away from the hospital and offering hope for the future.


The outcomes of VVP programming include healthy recovery, personal growth and the building of lifelong communities of mutual support. Programs equip injured Veterans and their families with the tools to successfully face the physical and emotional challenges of transitioning into life after a severe military service injury and to assist them in discovering a “new normal

Gourmet on Gore has been a proud partner of the Vail Veterans Program for more than five years.

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